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agricultureAllstate Tower is equipped with a full service design and manufacturing facility. AST supplies elevator support towers, catwalks, conveyor supports, and support structures designed to any loading, height, seismic zone, and wind speed. AST strives to provide quality products at a competitive price with quick delivery. No job is too large or too small. Please see the following standards for AST’s Agricultural Products:

  • Constructed of ASTM A-572 Grade 50 mill-certified structural steel.
  • ASTM A-325 galvanized bolts, nuts, and locking devices used for all structural connections.
  • Minimal part variations to improve quality, cost effectiveness, and installation time.
  • Provided in an all-bolt-together configuration maximizing durability while minimizing shipping costs for both domestic and international requirements.
  • Designed in accordance with the AISC Manual of Steel Construction using the latest state-of-the-art finite element analysis software by RISA/TNX Technologies to ensure structural integrity.

Finish Options

  • Hot-dipped galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-123 and ASTM A-153 specifications.
  • Painted Corothane coating available (Factory applied).
  • Bare steel with no coatings.

Production/Delivery Times

  • Expedited delivery upon request.

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Catwalk/Conveyor Supports

  • Open Truss – Bottom box truss design or Handrail truss design available.
  • Spans up to 140’ available. Click here to download an Open Catwalk Loading Capacity Chart.
  • All-bolt-together or welded sections available. Available in 20’ or 40’ sections.
  • 24” wide grip strut diamond walkway (14 gauge) with OSHA approved handrails and kickboards (Bar Grating is available for customer preference).
  • Total deflection kept to a maximum of L/180.

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Walk Thru Trusses

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Elevator Support Towers

  • Computer aided design for any loading, height, seismic zone and wind speed.
  • Designed to the more stringent EIA/TIA 222 Standard.
  • Custom designs available.
  • Designed to meet your requirements.
  • All bolt together sections.
  • All leg support towers have diamond access bracing at the base section to allow maximum clearance. This bracing is standard and provided at no additional cost.
  • Towers are available with or without attachment tabs. Exterior tabs can be utilized for attaching accessories. Interior tabs can be utilized to attach leg to tower.

Click here to download Elevator Support Structures Loading Capacity Chart.

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H-Framed Two Legged Towers (Goal Post Supports)

H-Framed Tower Support Options:

  • Freestanding / Self supporting
  • Installed on bin foundation (ideal for limited space applications)
  • Attachable to bin’s wall or stiffeners (adjustable bin braces available)
  • Guyed or braced
  • Custom designs to meet your requirements

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Custom Stairs


  • Fully designed and engineered by AST for site specific requirements.
  • 3D modeling and custom design programs utilized.
  • On site field verifications of existing equipment for accurate fit-up.
  • Constructed of angle, pipe, box tubing or solid round steel to match existing structures on site.

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Specialty Towers

  • Platforms (head service, distributor, exterior and interior, catwalk landing, and walk-around).
  • Stairways (switchback or wrap around)
  • Ladder and safety cage assemblies (include OSHA required rest platforms every 30’)

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Welded Tanks

  • AST’s sister company, Pittsburg Tank and Tower designs, fabricates and erects welded steel tanks (including carbon steel & stainless steel structures) for fire protection, chemicals, petroleum, jet fuel, food processing, power cooling, pulp, paper and bulk commodity storage.
  • PTT’s tanks include both fixed and floating roof designs.
  • PTT’s technical experience extends to virtually any type of welded-steel storage facility in accordance with API standards 620, 650, and 653, as well as NFPA-22 and AWWA standard D100.

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Shop Fabrication

  • Custom is standard at AST and all products are designed to meet any need.
  • Facility consists of 275,000 sq. ft. under roof.
  • Multiple production lines complement the structural steel and specialty fabrication areas.
  • View AST’s Facility for a complete list of manufacturing capabilities.

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Super Structures

  • Customized to fit your tank and your application.
  • Standard & Custom Designs Available.
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish standard.
  • All bolt together configuration.
  • Top corner and midlevel full length platforms available with ladder & safety cage or stair access.
  • Double Super Structures available.
  • Hopper tank feet can be welded or bolted to structure.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly.
  • Foundation Designs Provided.